The Team

Envyus Media

The Envyus Team exists is a collaboration of specific and specialized talents from practically every sub-section within the affiliate marketing industry. Marketing — both internet-wise and in general — business, programming, copywriting and design. All of these specialties held together by common morals and a tireless work ethic. Indeed, the Envyus Team will strive for nothing but being the best of the best — and neither should you. So let’s meet the team, shall we?

  • Brian McLevis Founder

    Brian has always had a passion for computers and in his home state of California he started out at an early age of 13. Through modems, BBSs, dialup shell accounts, and then “the internet”, he wound up in a professional career as a Network Engineer. As always, he was reaching for more, and stumbled into the world of internet marketing. He found it exhilarating and exciting and from that point forward “it was on!” He has ventured niches from mainstream to adult and everything in between. He has promoted campaigns, created products, launched services, and has experience on both sides of the house – advertising and affiliate marketing. He understands the “wants and needs” from today’s affiliates and makes sure clients are well taken care of.

  • Paige McLevis Boss Lady

    Paige grew up in a small town in the Midwest, was raised with good family values, and has a big heart. Don’t let her looks fool you she has that “Midwest Attitude” that will put you in the hot seat. She has 12 years experience in software and business development. In her early years she was Director at Loansoft in Berkeley, California. In more recent years, she worked at Chase Financial as a Business Analyst, acting as a liaison between business and software development. Her quirky attitude, technical mindset, and financial savvyness helps keep the I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

  • Kenny Butt Network Manager

    Mr. Butt has been a long time lover and connoisseur of all things computer and electronic. He is a tech buff who is constantly learning and keeping up-to-date on current technologies. Kenny has a broad and eclectic background, including trucking, architectural drafting, call center tech, contract mechanical engineering, construction sales, and owning his own small computer repair business. Through all his miles traveled and jobs well done he keeps coming back to sales and technology. With the revelation of the Internet Marketing industry Kenny believes he has found that perfect career that will keep his appetite for tech filled while freeing up some personal time for his wife and young daughter.

  • Chris Kennedy Senior Developer

    Christopher Kennedy (a.k.a. “Chris”) was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. He has over 10 years of experience with Web Application Consulting and Development. At a young age and while attending school, he contributed to innovative web technologies and has been doing it since. Web application development is not only a career choice for Chris- it’s a passion. As a result, his applications are not only intuitive and astounding, they’re unique. Chris also has extensive knowledge and experience with Fraud Prevention, Mass Marketing, Contact Management, Database Design, and Project Management.

  • Jerry Moody Senior Affiliate Manager

    Jerry Moody has been stacking cash and making money with affiliate marketing for many years now. He’s worked with a plethora of the best affiliate marketing offers, super affiliates looking to make their next million and other affiliates trying to work their own hours and make money working online. Working with deadlines and other expectations really gets him his kicks; as he prides himself on delivering the highest quality publisher concierge service as the senior affiliate manager of the best affiliate network out there. He also focuses on making sure that everyone has the highest payouts, the best network payment terms, and all the tools they need to be successful marketing online. This has resulted in huge profits for affiliates and Envyus (totaling several million dollars in revenue a year) and it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down any time soon. As an established and successful content writer, UX designer, and web analyst of over 10 years as well as a marketing and advertising specialist; Jerry knows what it takes to be prominent in the industry and he’s always willing to share advice to make as much money as possible.

  • Sacha Uthoff Accountant

    Sacha joined Envyus in 2017. She grew up in Andover, KS and has worked in the accounting field for over 20 years. She attended college in Andover while building her own accounting business. Here at Envyus, she handles advertiser invoicing and regularly reconciles our tracking system to ensure accurate affiliate payments. Sacha believes that her diligent attention to detail and dependability plus lots of coffee makes her a valuable member of the team. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and 7 year old son.

  • Parveen Thakur Envyus Media PVT LTD

    Parveen focuses on fulfilling the users hopes and aims, converting their distinct identities and characters into visual shapes and spaces. Interested in philosophical design process which usually comes from combining the needs of the users. He also has great interest and experience in working on several fields of art, such as identity design, drawing/sketching and offroad driving. Indeed, He always been fascinated by the technology of the Internet and design. In his wish to make websites, He get involved in every stage of their implementation. He attach particular importance to the look of websites, which he think, makes the difference. To do this, it is important to always keep abreast of the latest trend.

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