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Credit Protect - Identity LookOut - 3B - Trial (US)


Credit Report


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United States
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PPC / CPC, SEO / Organic, Display, Contextual, Mobile (No SMS)
Credit Protect - Idenity LookOut - 3B - Trial (US) Conversion Point: Upon 3rd page $1.00 CC submit $39.95 7 day rebill Prepop info: firstname=John lastname=Smith [email protected] address=123+main+street city=los+angeles state=CA zipcode=91101 Example, add this to end of tracking link: [email protected]&address=123+main+street&city=los+angeles&state=CA&zipcode=91101

Violation of anything listed below can result in termination of affiliate account and forfeiture of commission.

Creatives: Custom creative materials should be reviewed by competent legal counsel and affiliate assumes all responsibility for custom creative materials used.

Incent: No incentiving which includes but is not limited to cash or virtual currency, prizes or rewards, get paid to, micro worker, content unlocking, or any incent method.

Sites: No Craigslist, classified, job or employment, house or rental, message forum, or any similar website.

Mailers: Do not use Envyus tracking links directly in message body -- mask with your own domains/redirects. If you use your own From, Subject, Text or HTML Creative (without approval) it can result in non-payment or greater consequences if they are not CAN-SPAM compliant.

Trademark Infringement: No targeting keywords, phrases, URLs, pops, targets, that consist of brand name(s).

Invalids: Conversions deemed invalid will be charged back to affiliate. Invalids include but are not limited to duplicates, erroneous or fictitious information, and data posted via script or manually entered. Keywords: Negative Match Guidelines: 4/20/15 Any variations, combinations of and/or misspellings of free annual credit report. FOR EXAMPLE: free credit report annually annual free credit report anual free credit report free anual credit report free annuall credit report Any keyword phrases that contain combinations of and/or misspellings that contain annual report. FOR EXAMPLE: annual credit report anual credit report anual credit report credit report annually annual report of credit Any keywords phrases that contain combinations of and/or misspellings that contain annual credit. FOR EXAMPLE: anual credit anuall credit annual credit report annual credit bureau free annual credit score Any variations, combinations of and/or misspellings that contain FACT Act. FOR EXAMPLE: FACT Act Report FACT Act free report FACT Act reporting FACT Act annual report fair credit reporting act FICO including any combination with other keywords. FOR EXAMPLE: FICO credit score FICO credit report FICO score free FICO score Any misspellings of www.annualcreditreport.com or the abovementioned phrases. Approved Creative must be used specifically for the offer presented (I.E. 2‐Bureau creative to be used for 2Bureau offers only). Affiliates are required to only use the acceptable and pre‐approved creative which One Technologies L.P., (OT) provides. Any other marketing material needs to be submitted to Envyus Media for express written permission prior to use. Marketing which contains “free”, “complimentary” or similar language must include approved trial language. - The disclaimer can be present within the verbiage or as a standalone statement, and must be at least the same size as the smallest other text on the creative (excluding footers). - Standalone: “With a 7 day free trial” or “With a 7 day trial” or “With a 7 day free ScoreSense trial” - Verbiage: “With a 7 day free trial you get…” - Disclaimer must be in line with or above the CTA - Must use compliant Landing pages provided Third party trademarks or intellectual property (including logos) are not allowed. - Affiliates may not employ, use or receive any direct or indirect benefit from any “cookie stuffing/forced click” methods - Affiliates are required to send referrers with all sales. - Affiliates may not create/advertise on a site that mimics any of Advertiser's sites without express written permission. - Affiliates may not advertise via paid search methods on Google, Bing or Yahoo. - Making the purchase of our product a condition of obtaining any other product or service is not allowed. - E.g. Serving as the last step or final step in a cross sale for a related product is not allowed. No typo squatting of any OT owned sites. - No advertising on sites that contain adult content, racial, political, hate mongering or otherwise questionable content etc. - Affiliates may not run campaigns that are detrimental to OT brand. - E.g. requiring consumers to enter credit information in order to proceed in a related offer is not allowed. - See Thank You Page / Cross Sell Guidelines for more information. - The following terms (including misspellings and spacing variations) cannot be used in any type of marketing: - Free Credit Report - Annual Credit Report - Any use of “annual” is not allowed. - Annualcreditreport.com - FICO The following language and similar variations are not allowed on any marketing creative: - Security breach references - Ex. “Your account has been compromised.” - Mentions of “Updates” or “Changes” to credit scores. - Ex. “Your score has been updated/ changed.” - Indications that checking the credit score is mandatory. - Ex. “Last Step, Check Your Credit Score”. - Indications that suggest a service email. - Ex. “Score update” or “IMPORTANT: Your score” or “SOMEONE MAY HAVE JUST ACCESSED YOUR CREDIT FILE Nov.07, 2014 07:05”. - White Label sites may not be iframed, without express written authorization. - Affiliates are required to abide by federal, state and local applicable laws. NOTE: Egregious violations of these policies will result in chargebacks of sales. Advertiser and Envyus Media reserve the right to take further action going forward. This document supersedes all other statements and doesn’t limit any other action that can or may be taken. Offers may not be marketed on or via: - Job site. - Any government sites. - Government benefits or sites “assisting” government benefits.. - Ex. Unemployment benefits, social security benefits, disability benefits, section 8 housing, food stamps, HARP, FHA, HUD, etc. - Text messaging, MMS, personal web pages or any social media. - Craigslist or other forum based marketing. - Auto‐responder emails to a posting/email of any kind. - Co‐registration path offers. - Incentivized. - Ex. Survey marketing, content unlocking, referral marketing or loyalty programs. - Credit repair. - Attorney websites. - Telemarketing. - Pages not in English - Pages aimed at consumers outside USA - Coupon sites Put the no incent, no CL, job or section 8 traffic

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