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PPC - Emergency Water Damage - 95 sec (US)


Pay Per Call


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Allowed Countries
United States
Allowed Media Types
Water Restrictions: CALL - Water Damage (US) Geo Redirect based on Zip Code List- States are based on Convenience Converts on: 100 seconds (Duration starts at connection, before IVR Publisher cap 5 per day to start Restrictions: Traffic Not Allowed: Craigslist, Adult, Backpages, Incent, Co-Reg, Surveys, Email, Outbound Call Centers, Soleo, Call Needs to be about NEW Emergency floods. More than 3 days old Is not accepted and will be returned.

Violation of anything listed below can result in termination of affiliate account and forfeiture of commission.

NO EMAIL ALLOWED! Creatives: Custom creative materials should be reviewed by competent legal counsel and affiliate assumes all responsibility for custom creative materials used.

Incent: No incentiving which includes but is not limited to cash or virtual currency, prizes or rewards, get paid to, micro worker, content unlocking, or any incent method.

Sites: No Craigslist, classified, job or employment, house or rental, message forum, or any similar website.

Mailers: Do not use Envyus tracking links directly in message body -- mask with your own domains/redirects. If you use your own From, Subject, Text or HTML Creative (without approval) it can result in non-payment or greater consequences if they are not CAN-SPAM compliant.

Trademark Infringement: No targeting keywords, phrases, URLs, pops, targets, that consist of brand name(s).

Invalids: Conversions deemed invalid will be charged back to affiliate. Invalids include but are not limited to duplicates, erroneous or fictitious information, and data posted via script or manually entered.

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