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Calls Spectrum TV PPC (US)


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United States
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Calls Spectrum TV PPC (US) Converts 90 Second Connected Call & Keypress [1] in region and in hours Restrictions: **Please ask your affiliate manager for zipcode list with the area of coverage** All creatives and ad copy must be submitted for approval Duplicate calls within 30 days will not be paid Payments will be withheld for leads generated using fraudulent traffic Bid on the following adwords is strictly prohibited: Spectrum, Charter, Time Warner, TWC, 60 Meg, Bright House or any words that may be similar and/or misspelled

Violation of anything listed below can result in termination of affiliate account and forfeiture of commission.

NO EMAIL ALLOWED! Creatives: Custom creative materials should be reviewed by competent legal counsel and affiliate assumes all responsibility for custom creative materials used.

Incent: No incentiving which includes but is not limited to cash or virtual currency, prizes or rewards, get paid to, micro worker, content unlocking, or any incent method.

Sites: No Craigslist, classified, job or employment, house or rental, message forum, or any similar website.

Mailers: Do not use Envyus tracking links directly in message body -- mask with your own domains/redirects. If you use your own From, Subject, Text or HTML Creative (without approval) it can result in non-payment or greater consequences if they are not CAN-SPAM compliant.

Trademark Infringement: No targeting keywords, phrases, URLs, pops, targets, that consist of brand name(s).

Invalids: Conversions deemed invalid will be charged back to affiliate. Invalids include but are not limited to duplicates, erroneous or fictitious information, and data posted via script or manually entered.

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