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Why Envyus Media?

Envyus Media has an extensive network of media buying affiliates working on a myriad of campaigns on the internet, social media, radio, TV, mobile phones and email. These campaigns are highly targeted, varied, and provide a vast resource for businesses all over the world.

We have aquired a set of skills.

Working in every vertical from solar energy, people search, auto insurance, mass tort, legal offers and even e-commerce, we’ve gained a very broad set of skills, partners, and media reach to provide each and every one of our clients. On top of this, our established processes are optimized for establishing relationships between our traffic partners and clients that are compliant, effective, and streamlined.

And changed the game.

In over a decade, our trained staff has amassed resources to provide clients with game-changing amounts of leads, sales, retainers, inbound calls and transfers and much much more.

Setting Up Offers.

Each client has different requirements so our agreement, technical setup, and campaign details tend to differ. Each client may be experiencing its own set of hurdles they want to overcome. This requires teams to take a unique approach configuration from both set-up and paperwork to troubleshooting, offer and campaign implementation to solving bugs or issues that might arise.

Our first process irons out expectations, compliance, and planning (for scalability). After that, our offer technicians utilize many different software tools to make sure that all offers track correctly for clients and media buyers - ensuring campaign longevity.

Our on-boarding process involves our business development specialists. They ascertain our client’s business profile, draft insertion orders to establish the guidelines for campaign deployment, and establish the terms and conditions that define our working relationship.

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Tracking and Generating Traffic.

One of the hardest parts of affiliate marketing and online advertising is the generation of traffic, and ultimately tracking it correctly to make sure clicks and conversions are attributed correctly.

Envyus Media utilizes CAKE Marketing Software for click traffic, Leadspedia for API and Ping Post leads, and Ringba to track calls.

These top-of-the-line software systems make sure that every conversion, whether it’s generated from a click, a post or a call is accurate and that money is both spent effectively and being used to generate more business. All of these options are highly integratable and work with a wide variety of CRM platforms and software tools. In fact, we’ve been able to integrate with over 500 buyers over the last 10 years - showing just how flexible we are!

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Fraud Prevention and Compliance Management

One of the things that Envyus Media does the best at the end of the day is prevent fraud and make sure that advertising messages are compliant. The approach to preventing non-compliance is multi-faceted. First, every single source is vetted through our account managers that collect specific information regarding creatives and about how traffic is generated. Secondly, all leads are monitored (per conversion).

Proprietary risk aversion software prevents bad actors from:

Self - submitting lead data with user data from compromised call centers or data lists that are either old data, low-quality data, or purely bogus leads.

Using stolen credit card(s) to generate fraudulent sales.

Using proxies to hide their true location or make it look like leads are coming from various locations.

Incentivizing which involves luring customers to submit their personal information for a prize or reward.

Plus even more data points that most fraudulent affiliates don’t consider. This makes sure we protect your bottom dollar at the ground level. On top of that, all of our lead records include Jornaya LeadiD and TrustedForm showing verified consumer consent per TCPA law. This is because Envyus Media is very risk-averse!

Let Us Make You Money

Management of Accounts.

When it comes to account management, nobody does it better than we do at Envyus Media. We believe that communication and collaboration are the two most important aspects of any successful business relationship. That’s why all accounts (whether they’re traffic buyers’ accounts or an affiliate marketer) are handled by a dedicated professional who has everyone’s best interests in mind.

This also ensures compliance of ads, peerless fraud management capabilities, and highly coordinated advertising campaigns. With our experience, no matter the marketing strategy, analytics or digital strategy we’ve got a solution for you.

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Working with Envyus Media is like having your cake and eating it too. That's because we deliver high quality, compliant leads and we're always improving our technology to make sure everyone is winning. We even provide fraud detection services at no cost to you.