Offer Development

Over a billion customers.

International Reach.

Envyus Media is a global leader when it comes to affiliate offers for publishers. These offers include both owned and operated offers as well as other physical, digital and legal products in over 200 countries and encompassing over a billion customers.

No Brokers.

The reality with affiliate marketing is that having offers direct from advertisers/owners of the offer guarantees that you’ll have the best results. The more that any offer is “brokered” between networks, the more polluted the results, EPC’s, and payouts get.

We Negotiate.

Envyus Media works with hundreds of buyers of traffic all over the world and has thousands of offers. We have the highest payouts and the best payment terms. We understand how the industry works, we work hard to negotiate deals that work well for everyone!

Our Offers


People Search

Background Search

Residential Solar Quotes

Auto Insurance

Medicare and Health Insurance

Home Insurance

Life Insurance

Credit Score Check

Credit Repair

International Crypto

Forex Trading

Online Dating

Business and E-Commerce


Personal, Auto and Payday Loans

Mortgage and Refinance / Rent-to-Own

Sweepstakes and Coupons

Health, Nutrition and Fitness

Adult Games

Found Money/Resource Offers

Business Opportunities

Varied Payout Models


Cost Per Click - Pays per click on an offer.


Cost Per Aquisition - Pays per sale/trial sign up.


Cost Per Lead - Pays per lead form submit.

Revenue Share

Affiliates are paid a portion of the revenue they generate.

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Working with Envyus Media is like having your cake and eating it too. That's because we deliver high quality, compliant leads and we're always improving our technology to make sure everyone is winning. We even provide fraud detection services at no cost to you.