Lead Generation

Quality leads never resold

Quality matters.

Envyus Media is the one stop shop when it comes to lead generation! We take pride in the quality of the leads we generate, making sure that they’re all exclusive leads, never resold to anyone. Our buyers get the best quality for their money - every time. This saves our lead buyers time and money!

Better Quality = More Sales

We pride ourselves on the processes we've put in place. This includes generating leads primarily from owned and operated websites. It also includes making sure bad actors and bots are weeded out. Since all of our leads are exclusive, you never have to worry about fighting over leads with other companies - you get a fair shot to make a sale ever time. We're revolutionizing the lead generation game and you definitely want to be a part of it.

High Quality.

How Envyus Media is different from other lead generation companies:

Envyus Media is far more than just a traditional lead supplier. We deliver organic results of freshly generated leads that are exclusive to each and every buyer. We work hard to earn the trust of each and every one of our buyers to ensure that we can give our clients the best return on their advertising investment dollars.

The Quality You Deserve

What separates us

Geo Targeting and Lead Filters

Every business is different and every business has different needs. If you’re looking for specifically targeted geographic leads, look no further! We connect you with leads in your targeted market. Whether it’s the entire world, the USA or a state within. Every client has the ability to filter traffic, ensuring complete customization of the leads being targeted.

We Work With Your Business’ Needs

We work with lead buyers and sellers small and large - and we’re not afraid to start out small, testing a few hundred leads before sending thousands per day. Small steps cross huge distances - we make sure that everything is working well instead of just asking for huge buy-ins up front. We prefer to work with similar reputable companies ready to make money!

Exclusive and Quality Leads

Quality isn’t cheap. Companies may sell leads that are recycled, repackaged, or rebrokered in today’s market. We don't do that! Our leads are 100% exclusive, organic and in-house. We connect sales agents with customers looking for specific products. That's why we're the best - we consistently deliver results.

Accurate Lead Counts

We utilize Leadspedia, TrustedForm, Jornaya and Ringba to ensure high quality leads. We track unique customer identifiers and follow the customer at every step of the process. This allows us to optimize our bids, and perfect filtration of lead requirements to assure our buyers aren’t getting bogus leads or leads that don’t match their needs.

The On/Off Switch

Every client at Envyus Media is in control of their advertising budget and is only charged for valid, real time, generated leads. Our clients decide how many leads they want to receive per day, per week, and per month. If it’s time to start or stop a campaign - we can do that too. You never have to worry about activating or deactivating the lead flow.

We Take Compliance Seriously

We understand that while sometimes things happen beyound our control, we strive to deliver leads that meet our buyer's needs, filters and expectations. We've developed our own risk management software that helps mitigate compliance risk. We also verify our ad campaigns before they go live to ensure peace of mind across the board.

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Working with Envyus Media is like having your cake and eating it too. That's because we deliver high quality, compliant leads and we're always improving our technology to make sure everyone is winning. We even provide fraud detection services at no cost to you.